Moss Agate Tower - Crystal Point

Moss Agate Tower - Crystal Point

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Moss Agate Tower - Crystal Point



A stone of new beginnings.  Said to refresh the soul and to help inspire new ideas after periods of stagnation and promotes self-expression and communication.

Believed to reduce sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants and attract abundance in wealth and self-esteem.
Moss Agate is said to speed up recovery from illness and can be used for its anti-inflammatory benefits, cleanses the circulatory system.

Known as the gardener’s stone, moss agate is a dark green coloured stone that promotes fertility of plants, a connection to the earth and has grounding energies.

Chakra:: Heart

Generator points or towers as they are also known
are a great way to bring crystal energy into any room and the optimum shape for generating energy. This makes these points ideal for crystal healing, cleansing a space and crystal grids.


approx 85mm x 25mm