Red Jasper Gemstone Bracelet - Crystal Jewellery
Red Jasper Gemstone Bracelet - Crystal Jewellery
Red Jasper Gemstone Bracelet - Crystal Jewellery

Red Jasper Gemstone Bracelet - Crystal Jewellery

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Red Jasper Elasticated Bracelet with sterling silver accent bead.

6mm beads are strung on to 1mm super strong elastic and finished with a choice of silver or copper accent bead.

Red Jasper

It’s believed that red jasper helps you act on your passions, behaving like a shot of adrenaline for your root chakra’s energy. Inspiring a more joyful, positive attitude , waking up and energising areas of your body that are inactive and sluggish. Helping you find the motivation, inspiration, and energy to reach your full potential. Great in times of stress for manifesting courage, strength, and wisdom.

COPPER:: Copper is a sustainable material as it is 100% recyclable. It has antimicrobial properties and is an essential mineral that can be absorbed through the skin.


SILVER: Silver is said to have powerful antimicrobial properties, fighting infection, aiding cold and flu prevention, wound healing and more. It can also help with heat regulation and circulation.


“Thank you for my gorgeous, beautiful, bracelet “Bonita” - absolutely love it soooo much! Have a fantastic evening Xx”
“Absolutely perfect size, I love it!!”
“Loved those bracelets. Any chance I could have 2 more of the Jasper Dalmatian ones?”


This gorgeous selection of beads are approx 6mm across and strung on super strong elastic. Standard sizing is approx 18cm though these can be made bigger or smaller upon request.


If you would like one of my bracelets made from a gemstone you can’t find it in my shop or you would are looking for bigger or smaller beads please message me for a custom order.

The standard size is approx 18cm just drop me a message if you a bigger or smaller size.


Shipping time is only an estimate and please allow more time for creation is buying a custom item.

Uk 3-5 business days once despatched
US 5-10 business days once despatched
Rest of world may vary.

Your order will arrive Beautifully boxed and ready to gift, including a note card with the gemstones name and benefits. Please see photos.


I do my best to represent the true colour of items in my photos, however all monitors differ. Please allow for some variation between what you see on screen and how it looks in real life.